Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dark Matter Hypothesis: A controversial mystery

By Adityadhar Dwivedi (India).

Dark Matter is really a mysterious concept on which many theories were proposed but they fully can't explain the truth behind dark matter. But today be ready to prove this theory again with corrections.

Before reading this blog post, I'd like to introduce myself, My name is Aditya and I am same as curious as you with these great phenomena ruling our universe. Since we started thinking about those twinkling stars, we keep on discovering the extremes of our universe. We are really so beautiful creature of our universe, I believe.

So, if you think that we have almost found many of the things except few of things, around us then you're wrong. If you just raise your head above and gaze towards those twinkling wonders, you can answer the questions behind these visible objects like stars, nebula, planets, meteors, asteroids etc. But what about the answer behind empty space or vacuum?
You can't ignore them, my friend. They are not zero as you think because in almost 90 years before, we have met with such obstructions which really matters with the modern physics. They are:

  1. Dark Matter, also known as Missing Mass.
  2. Dark Energy
So here, as our topic says, we will discuss about Dark Matter.
Dark Matter is considered as mysterious or dark because we have not yet discovered. But why don't you think that how can it be possible that if dark matter is a matter then it must make a sense? If it is really hard for you to understand then, no problem, I am explaining it below:
If we are searching for Dark Matter for at least 90 years, then we must be having any single proof of its existence. But, Do we have?

Yes we have but not by proof. Why I am saying like this because if we recall it as 'matter' then it must be having matter like properties or at least it is present somewhere. But where are those proofs?

In my view, it is really not a matter as we recall or say it but it is something else which is having a share of 25 percent of whole energy density of the universe. I know it really sounds crazy or absurd but think about it.
         If we are existing and we are made up of baryonic matter consisting of all visible matter all around us. And if dark matter really exists then the it must interact with any of the visible matter but it doesn't. So, leave this idea because it may be possible that it really not interact with any other particles. But what about its particles. If it is really a matter then it would form a larger number of galaxies made up of dark matter. Actually it doesn't belong to family of matter. It is missing mass which form an immense gravity which can be called as, Dark Gravity. To explain it, I might tell you the story of arising concept of Dark Matter:

Actually, the theory of Dark Matter rose when we measure the mass of a galaxy and separately we count the masses of all stars, nebula, neutron stars, and even black holes of the same galaxy. We found a major difference between mass of galaxy and mass of its visible entities. So there we raised a concept of missing mass by missing matter, which is now collectively called as Dark Matter. But it is also explained as the binding force or something like thread which stitches or forms stars by creating galaxies. And dark matter is that missing mass responsible for galaxies formation and formation of clusters of galaxies.

So as you see, it roughly works for normal matter to exist. To form a star, it gives enough mass to gravitationally collapse to form a star. So why don't you think, it's an energy or something as dark gravity?

Watch this video:

Description: There's something fundamental we all need to understand about dark matter—it may not actually be matter at all. Neil deGrasse Tyson has a bone to pick with this misnomer that is distracting physicists and the public from the real discoveries to be made. Scientists know very little about "dark matter", and in fact it can only be observed indirectly by its effect on other objects. Tyson has a few suggestions for its re-naming: how about "Fred", he jokes, which is a name devoid of any implied meaning—suitable for our current level of knowledge. But if you want it to sound sexy and be accurate, then the way to go is dark gravity, according to Tyson. Why? Because when you add up everything in the universe—the stars, moons, gas clouds, black holes, everything—85% of gravity is unaccounted for. That is so-called "dark matter". What makes it so interesting isn't the wild-goose-chase question of whether or not it exists, but why it doesn't interact with ordinary, known matter?

Hope you've understood well my concepts by this video very well. To understand fully, at least try to read my full post plus watch the full video.

So, to put this theory of Dark Gravity over the different theories proposed on Dark Matter, we really need a proof. But why don't you think it is a something different from all the matching Dark Matter theories. If you really feel that this theory sounds like different then it is my great pleasure that I succeed in understanding others my theory of Dark Matter Hypothesis. By the way I think it would be controversial theory in physics world, lol.
So, I happily saying you a goodbye and good luck and keep growing!
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