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What is Dark Energy? A continued mystery....

The more observations we do, the more corrections we bring and when we start making absurd concepts about something we come more close to the truth. So keep making concepts because it's a blessing to us that we can think.

Posted by Adityadhar Dwivedi

Ya, as you may have heard about Dark Energy, so if you're knowing anything about this, forget those because you're going to make a new concept on the theory of dark energy. I know these words are seeming to be rude but lighten your mind so that you will reach upon this concept of Dark Energy.
Before I start discussion about Dark energy, you might have studied in high schools' books that everything in this universe is made up of atoms and that's simply called matter. So questions arises, Is only normal or baryonic matter present in whole universe? The simple answer I.e. based on our current studies tells No. It's only tiny amount of the energy or mass occupying whole universe that's only little ~5%. That's too crazy and horrible that all matter we see, we touch, feel and observe is only 5%.            Then what's more?                                  Actually, it is 95% of energy density of universe unexplained. In previous post I had discussed about Dark Matter which should not be called matter because it's gravity that is invisible so simply can be called Dark Gravity.                       [Chech out previous one]                                    So, what about Dark Energy? I am here and you are also here to start the discussion. So, let's start!
Dark Energy is a mysterious energy which is an anti-gravitational energy which is only responsible for the expansion of our universe which is much more than the speed of light. Here you'll try to contradict this statement by telling that Einstein had set a limit of the speed of light. Means nothing could travel faster than light. But, it's the expansion rate of our universe, not an object but again one question arises, Our Universe is expanding into what? What is it?

Most physicists think of 11-dimensional Hyperspace in which there are universes are floating like soap bubbles and each soap bubble represents each universe of different dimensions and they are vibrating like membrane [called M-brane Theory]. So, this theory is really hypothetical but o understand this theory well, you have to make your imagination of Hyperspace of 11 dimensions. Now let's move further.

Ok, Dark Energy, which type of feelings do you create while hearing this word? Maybe, mysterious or something unknown or strange phenomenon. Well, you're quite right. Dark Energy is named after a mysterious force which is accelerating up the expansion of our universe which is present in our universe having almost ~70% of the energy density of the universe. So what is something strange about this?
My friend, the whole concept is so strange because it's much more mysterious than Dark Matter [really should be called as Dark Gravity ] because we neither have detected it nor we have any strong causes to support its existence. So you may suppose, how strange the Dark Energy is!

Unravelling the secrets of Dark Energy

Actually, I am now forwarding you my concepts and theories regarding the mystery unravelling Dark Energy.

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Think of a universe at the age of a Singularity which was ultra-dense form of the cosmos, at the Planck scale of time and measurement. At that time, that is about 10 power to -43 second, sudden quantum fluctuations took place and that created a vast explosion or Bang in which everything got originated in the form of grand unified force which ultimately got separated into 4 fundamental forces. At the time when universe was a baby, there was an equal amount of soup of particles equals to space itself. Everything was in a dense soup of particles that could be termed as, Quark-Gluon Plasma. At that time, it was possible that both matter and antimatter could have originated and by probability, matter got victory over the influence of antimatter [It is also a mystery but wait for the upcoming posts regarding this]. So where is the existence of Dark Energy in the earliest phases of universe?                                                                                            Think of that time when sudden quantum fluctuations took place in Singularity and it banged with such a greatest flow or shockwave in the fabric of the cosmos/space-time which could really have powered the expansion of space. At that time, that shockwave of the Big Bang would have reached to the edges and it must have powered the expansion with an unimaginable rate that has helped the particles ( and antiparticles) to annihilated together to form pure energy as well as expansion of space provided enough temperature to bind to form atoms and further collapse into stars.
      That's only concept.........  :)

Time to answer strange questions

  • Let suppose whole matter as x and whole antimatter as y. We are made up of baryons which means we are part of x then how could we have formed if x and y would become already 0.
Actually, it is not the simple answer to answer easily but as the whole universe works on principle of probability [ I am talking about the behaviour of particles at quantum level ]. If possible let add a very few percent say, 0.0000000001% to x. Then annihilation would occur now and energy will get released in form (x+y) but there is now 0.0000000001% of x will be remained as remainder and that would be sufficient for the normal matter to exist as 5 percent of total energy density in the universe till the billions and billions of years.
  • So you could imagine 0.0000000001% of x equals to 5% of energy density of the universe then what about the total volume of x and y. Suppose if x and y are non-annihilating then it wouldn't become 0 and Is this possible that so far the expansion of our universe is less space for both x and y to bind together and form atoms?
Ya, that would be dreadful imagination because you can think how much great the values of x and y are. It would take almost 50 billions years later to form first atom because after about 50 billions years later the expansion could be enough to particles bind to form atoms. And life in that universe would exist after about its 1 trillion years after the big bang. OMG!

Forget those Imaginations becoz they are the spooky one, we are happy in our universe. :)

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