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Mystery of Gravity

"Gravity bends light"
The most beautiful idea ever.

Well, I know that everyone of you must have heard about gravitation and it's simply fantastic topic to discuss. Being as a student, I think so that, Gravitation is still a mystery because we still don't have results which are responsible for gravity at quantum levels where stuffs are not easy to observe. 

Gravity is an attractive, pervasive, mysterious and the weakest force present in our cosmos.                                                    If we do a slow start then, "From the ages long before, it was speculated that everything would fall to ground because it was natural. If someone simply asked why?, then he was later regarded as senseless. Because of those such suppressions, people had to believe it as universally accepted truth. It was a matter of ages long after somebody tries to think about it to correct. When Galileo came, it was not possible for him to explain all such phenomena yet he clarified that Things fall always at the same rate and with a uniform acceleration that is because of a force which attractive everything to Earth. This was first time in history when this easy phenomenon has become hard by attributing it as a 'force'. Galileo had laid the foundation of gravity. Later on after his death year, birth of an era-changer legend, Issac Newton occurred. He was really a man ahead of his times and a follower of Galileo's experimental science. A very famous incident might have occurred with Newton was fall of an apple on his head which clued himself to make a concept of gravity. He thought that if an Apple is falling towards Earth then it may be possible that moon is also falling on earth. He included all hi ideas and the concept of gravity in his book of three volumes named as Principia Mathematica.  This concept truly revolutionized the scientific society for the first time. Eventually theory of gravitation came into existence in which it was stated that "every object in this universe attract other object with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to distance between them squared." It was for the first time when we have encountered with a very precise formula that can predict the motions of heavenly bodies and It truly revolutionized the field of astronomy.
Everything's going allright...... Many further discoveries kept on adding with Newtonian Gravitation. But this will wonder you that Newton himself didn't know what's the origin of gravity?  
            Truly it was a matter of long time after something has been added to this gravitation in bulk by another legend of human history, Albert Einstein. Actually it has change the perspective by which we observe the gravitation. Einstein's equations make us to wonder about Cosmos a bit more interestingly. Einstein field equations was magical as it predict the motions of all bodies more precisely than ever. The most wonderful predictions were:

  • The general theory of relativity explained that space and time are one entity and the three dimensions of space plus one dimension of time is 4 dimensional space time.
  • Although we can't visualise four dimension fabric (because our senses are made only to sense 3 dimensional objects), but as a reference it is taken as rubber sheet which can be stretched and depressed in presence of mass in form of energy over speed of light squared.
  • As spacetime can be stressed or depressed so when greater mass the process the space time very much the outcome would be tremendous force of gravity. This theory predicted presence of singularity where force of gravity would be infinite. This predicted the presence of black hole and yeah white holes too.
So it was a brief description and history regarding the concept of gravity you may have been wondering that, Is theory of gravity completed?
           If you really concerned about the scientific discussions then you will say," No, it is not." Your speculation is almost correct but at macro level (that include stuffs like black hole, galaxies, stars, nebulae etc.) GTR equations fit really well. So, What's left? Yeah we know, 
"The mechanism of Gravity according to Quantum Mechanics"

Well, you have reached till here then you may be geeky guy in astrophysics­čśâ!
Well if you are interested enough then you might have enough time to review my video regarding this mysterious force Gravity watch it and be ready to get discussed about those further topics to confronted....

After when Einstein had formulated his general theory of relativity, the theory of gravity seemed to be completed, but it was opinion of short interval of time. In the mean time, developments  in quantum mechanics took place. When it was discovered that particle at Quantum level remain in state of duality and probability,  people begin to realise that gravity must be understood at Quantum level too. Since then, a series of continuous efforts and capital have been invested by us in particle accelerators to predict the existence of a particle which is exchanging the force of gravity, later came to be known as 'gravitons' . 
Gravitons are truly suspected as particles which carries the force of gravity. In the language of particle physics, graviton is a quanta of gravity like photon is to electromagnetic force. Let's have some pseudo relations of gravitons and see what we have got:-
 As we know, photons are quata or energy packets or carrier of electromagnetic force. When James Clerk Maxwell  formulated his equations in which he descripted electric and magnetic fields are same and came to be known as "Electromagnetic waves". He described that light too is an electromagnetic wave. Since then it was speculated that light is a wave. When Einstein published paper regarding photoelectric effect, it now claimed light as particles came to be known as photon. This was a state of duality with light ( that it stay in state of particle as well as wave ) which opened the secret of quantum mechanics. Can't gravitons be like photons? Both are long ranged forces too. If we just looked upon equations of general theory of relativity, it predicts that Gravity is just as disturbance or curvature in fabric of spacetime and when a very massive object collide, they create great disturbances in spacetime fabric causing gravitational waves. Could it be possible that these waves are mediated by gravitons. 
        In my video, I too have tried to let you know about gravitons and also speculated that curvature of spacetime is responsible of presence of gravitons.If we try to relate Higgs boson with graviton, the results would be absurd. As we have encountered with Higgs Boson in recent years and now we have answers why does a particles get mass? And we know, mass causes gravity and this how we can relate them. And one thing, "The General Theory of Relativity is the most marvellous equations and idea which ever propounded by mankind which truly define the nature of the cosmos".
           Still there are much more to discover and needed  to be unravelled. May be just as we have discovered Higgs boson in recent years, we will soon discover graviton too.................Why not?
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